The Talent Strategy Institute helps organizations create better insight, so its leaders can be more effective. We capture this simply: Better Insight = Better Leaders.

 TSI’s vision is to be the most innovative and confidence-inspiring destination for learning how to formulate, measure, and manage talent strategy. TSI was founded by Al Adamsen in partnership with many of the world’s leading practitioners and consultants. The institute addresses the need to create, distribute, and deliver more systematic, proven approaches to talent strategy formulation, measurement, and management. This includes educating the next generation of workforce planning & analytics professionals, as well as those who package, communicate, and facilitate change with the resulting workforce insight.

As TSI continues its growth journey, it does so with a learning mindset. We are continually refining methodologies, frameworks, and research, while also collecting and distributing proven ways of doing things. In this way we are a clearing house for what works and what doesn’t. Contact us to learn how we can serve you and your organization as you formulate and implement your talent strategies.


Work Strategy

Planning who does the Work: Employees, AI, Contractors, Consultants, Outsource Providers, Robots, etc.

Designing the Future of Work


Speaking, Executive Advisory, & Training

Work is being done differently now.  First robotics now AI, machine learning, neural networks, and other technological innovations: they're all changing the work being done by people and, in turn, the skills, effort, and education people need.  Add to this the evolving definition of an organization and workers within it.  Is an organization merely the population of full-time employees or the community of workers involved in executing an organization's strategy?  In addition to employees to what extent are these workers contractors, consultants, part-time, seasonal, on-shore, off-shore, etc.?   The "gig economy" and "liquid workforce" are certainly top of mind among leaders, but what actions should they be taking in response to the underlying realities?  How will this continued evolution affect business transformation, talent strategy, workplace strategy, culture, budgeting, digitization, etc.?  Getting leaders and teams aligned on these concepts, on the future of work, on what's possible, on what's an appropriate response for their organization and the people within in it is what we bring.  We don't come with answers.  We come, instead, with knowledge, questions, and ideas that will help you and your teams create the best way forward.


People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) Academy

What's the current state of People Analytics?  What's forthcoming?  How will it affect workers, culture, and leader decision-making?  How will the continued proliferation of data and our ability to capture, analyze, and distribute resulting insights affect me and my organization?  The PAFOW Academy explores these and other questions by taking participants through a crash course in People Analytics technologies and leading practices, then have this knowledge inform the Audit, Vision, & Roadmap (AVR) Process.   Auditing involves looking at the current state of your organization from 7 key dimensions: Strategic, Operational, Worker, CoE, Technology, Data, and Governance.  Visioning involving crafting improved experiences across these dimensions plus documenting the aggregate benefits. The Roadmap, of course, documents the critical path to get from where you and your organization are to where you and your organization want to go.  In the end, this program is a hybrid of professional development for the individual and consulting for the sponsoring organization.  All participants will be pre-qualified in that they're in a position to influence their organization's use of data and insights to formulate, measure, and manage talent strategies and worker experiences over time.  


The People Analytics Program by Insight222

"We are in the Age of Networked Intelligence." - Dan Tapscott   

It's one thing to know a group of people and exchange emails once in awhile.  It's another thing to do work with them; and as well-intentioned as you might be to do this, with everyone being so busy this rarely happens, at least in a sustainable, predictable, high-value way.  This is what we do.  We bring together leaders in People/Workforce/Talent Analytics and Strategy to share leading practices, explore innovations, discuss the vendor landscape and overarching talent and work trends, including the impact of AI, the gig economy, digitization, and other realities affecting data, analytics, decision-making, and ultimately the future of work.  In other words, we help members be more knowledgeable, more confident, more responsive, more proactive; and we do this by harnessing the wisdom of the group.  We organize diverse leaders who are tackling similar challenges.  In this way members are no longer along in their workplace.  They have the resources of the group to call upon to learn, create, explore, trouble-shoot, and ultimately make better decisions and be more influential.