The Talent Strategy Institute helps organizations create better insight, so its leaders can be more effective. We capture this simply: Better Insight = Better Leaders.

 TSI’s vision is to be the most innovative and confidence-inspiring destination for learning how to formulate, measure, and manage talent strategy. TSI was founded by Al Adamsen in partnership with many of the world’s leading practitioners and consultants. The institute addresses the need to create, distribute, and deliver more systematic, proven approaches to talent strategy formulation, measurement, and management. This includes educating the next generation of workforce planning & analytics professionals, as well as those who package, communicate, and facilitate change with the resulting workforce insight.

As TSI continues its growth journey, it does so with a learning mindset. We are continually refining methodologies, frameworks, and research, while also collecting and distributing proven ways of doing things. In this way we are a clearing house for what works and what doesn’t. Contact us to learn how we can serve you and your organization as you formulate and implement your talent strategies.