Work is being done differently now.  First robotics now AI, machine learning, neural networks, and other technological innovations: they're all changing the work being done by people and, in turn, the skills, effort, and education people need.  Add to this the evolving definition of an organization and workers within it.  Is an organization merely the population of full-time employees or the community of workers involved in executing an organization's strategy?  In addition to employees to what extent are these workers contractors, consultants, part-time, seasonal, on-shore, off-shore, etc.?   The "gig economy" and "liquid workforce" are certainly top of mind among leaders, but what actions should they be taking in response to the underlying realities?  How will this continued evolution affect business transformation, talent strategy, workplace strategy, culture, budgeting, digitization, etc.?  Getting leaders and teams aligned on these concepts, on the future of work, on what's possible, on what's an appropriate response for their organization and the people within in it is what we bring.  We don't come with answers.  We come, instead, with knowledge, questions, and ideas that will help you and your teams create the best way forward.  To makin' great things happen!

The People Analytics Program

"We are in the Age of Networked Intelligence." - Dan Tapscott   

It's one thing to know a group of people and exchange emails once in awhile.  It's another thing to do work with them; and as well-intentioned as you might be to do this, with everyone being so busy this rarely happens, at least in a sustainable, predictable, high-value way.  This is what we do.  We bring together leaders in People/Workforce/Talent Analytics and Strategy to share leading practices, explore innovations, discuss the vendor landscape and overarching talent and work trends, including the impact of AI, the gig economy, digitization, and other realities affecting data, analytics, decision-making, and ultimately the future of work.  In other words, we help members be more knowledgeable, more confident, more responsive, more proactive; and we do this by harnessing the wisdom of the group.  We organize diverse leaders who are tackling similar challenges.  In this way members are no longer along in their workplace.  They have the resources of the group to call upon to learn, create, explore, trouble-shoot, and ultimately make better decisions and be more influential.


People Analytics & Future of Work Conference Series

How do you learn about People Analytics?  How do you educate yourself on leading practices, emerging innovations, and overarching trends affecting people and the future of work?  This is what the People Analytics & Future of Work Conference Series does.  We convene executives, thought leaders, accomplished practitioners, and those willing and eager to learn in a highly interactive and engaging environment.  From Machine Learning and AI to how outsourcing, contingent labor, and the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of workers, we strive to explore what's possible with people data and analytics,  while keeping a key eye on the ethical and responsible use of data and insights.  After all, it's our hope that data assets and analytic project strive to not only deliver commercial value to the organization, but well-being value to individuals and teams.  You're, of course, welcome to join us in this unique, future-focused format, one that strives to advance the discipline and all those we serve.  Read commentary about past events and learn about future events at  


Global People Analytics Network

Connect, interact, share, and explore with people in your local community, as well as stay up to date on regional, national, and global events.  The amount you interact and engage is up to you.  It's absolutely free.  You can, however, access proprietary content such as templates, job aides, frameworks -- as well as receive conference and bootcamp discounts -- with a Premium membership.  The choice is yours.  In the end, GPAN's mission is to serve as a central connection point to learn about vendors, innovations, leading practices, press releases, events, and anything else going on in the ever-expanding world of People Analytics.  Learn more and join at  

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Speaking, Executive Advisory, Facilitation, & Training

How do you get your Executives and the HR community aligned on where you're going with People Analytics?  How do educate executives on what's possible?  How do you formulate a vision and develop a roadmap to achieve it?  Could you or an executive use coaching around the role of data and analytics affect culture, including innovation, engagement, and productivity?  Could your HR community use up-skilling on how they identify, analyze, and communicate data -- a.k.a., tell stories with data?  These and other questions can be constructively addressed by engaging one of our accomplished People Analytics Leaders.  All have served in such a role or have used data-based insights to formulate talent and business strategies.  For more information or to have an initial exploratory conversation, please contact us.  We'll gladly listen, learn, and share ideas on how to bring about positive change.  


Listen, learn, and explore with world-renowned executives, practitioners, innovators, academics, and thought leaders on the People Analytics & Future of Work Podcast with Al Adamsen 


Learn from Today’s Most Successful Workforce Analytics Leaders

Transforming the immense potential of workforce analytics into reality isn’t easy. Pioneering practitioners have learned crucial lessons that can help you succeed. The Power of People shares their journeys—and their indispensable insights.  Drawing on incisive case studies and vignettes, three experts help you bring purpose and clarity to any workforce analytics project, with robust research design and analysis to get reliable insights. They reveal where to start, where to find stakeholder support, and how to earn “quick wins” to build upon.  You’ll learn how to sustain success through best-practice data management, technology usage, partnering, and skill building. Finally, you’ll discover how to earn even more value by establishing an analytical mindset throughout HR, and building two key skills: storytelling and visualization.  The Power of People will be invaluable to HR executives establishing or leading analytics functions; HR professionals planning analytics projects; and any business executive who wants more value from HR.

The Power of People provides an exceptional primer for doing workforce analytics. It includes wonderful insights from thought leaders, and specific and usable tools for performing analytics.”
—Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and Partner of The RBL Group 

“Data analytics is a crucial and fast evolving organisational capability. This intriguing and fascinating book demonstrates not only the power of people analytics, but also creates a clear blueprint for building action-taking capability. A must read for any manager determined to add this valuable skill to their portfolio.”
—Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School