Al Adamsen


Al Adamsen is a globally recognized thought leader, speaker, and advisor on talent strategy, people analytics, workforce planning, business transformation, and simply how people measurement and analytics affects worker experiences and organizational culture.  He’s the Founder & Executive Director of the Global People Analytics Network and People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) Conference Series.  He's also a co-founder of Insight222, home of the People Analytics Program.  Al has a unique background in that he's one of the few who's led a workforce planning & analytics function within a Fortune 500 company (Gap Inc.), served as a leader with two analytics vendors (Infohrm & Kenexa/IBM), and has also served as a consultant and advisor to some of the world's leading companies including Disney, McKesson, Intuit, GE, Starbucks, T-Mobile, CapitalOne, Boeing, Heinz, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, among many others.  Al's educational background is in Behavioral Economics and Positive Psychology, and he's spent more than 5 of his 25+ year career working outside the US. Finally, Al is a long-standing coach to sports coaches, athletes, and parents of young athletes, among whom are his two teenage children. All live in Santa Cruz, CA and they can often be found on the area's beach volleyball courts.