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  • Does Your Organization Have a Talent Strategy?
  • The TAD Framework: The Future of Talent Assessment & Development
  • Workforce Planning: Is Your Organization Preparing for the Future?
  • TSI's Fall Roadshow - 6 Cities to Share Insights Into Workforce Planning & Analytics Technologies and Leading Practices
  • Workforce Analytics: Is Your HR Community Able to Facilitate Data-based Stories & Decisions?
  • The Talent Intelligence Project



Talent Strategy


Does your organization have a strategic initiative that’s employee-related?  If so, how is it measured, managed, and improved upon?

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Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning simply looks at the internal supply of talent relative to the anticipated demand for talent at a certain point in the future.

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Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics is simply the process of generating insight into workforce dynamics.

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HR Metrics & Reporting

A lot of time and energy is being spent on HR metrics and reporting, yet many organizations remain frustrated. Why?

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  • HR is about following rules.  Talent Management is about being awesome.
  • How does your organization formulate, measure, and manage talent strategy over time?
  • “We could not have accomplished what we did, and be heading in the direction we are, without you.” – Ann Le Cam, Head of Production & HR, Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • “Now we have true data-based insight that's helping us make confident decisions on our talent and culture." – Kathy Mandato, Head of HR, NBC Broadcast
  • Consciously create culture and customer connection

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